Graduating in a pandemic

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Share your thoughts and win a prize.

The Class of 2021 survey is now underway.

Hello Class of 2021! Congratulations on completing your programme of study. Though we are still in a pandemic, compared to this time last year there has been progress with the vaccination rollout and scientific understanding about the Covid-19 virus, and tentative signs of optimism among employers in some industry sectors. How have you been getting on? We have launched our new Class of 2021 survey where you can share your thoughts and win a prize. We will also compare your results to the experiences of the Class of 2020 after their graduations last year.

We’re just rolling out the new Class of 2021 survey and will post the general link here shortly.

We hope to share findings from our Class of 2020 data with you soon! And, Class of 2020, we hope to follow up those of you who opted into to further research to see you you have been getting on over the last year. More this autumn!

About the study

How are you navigating your transitions to work or to other activities after completing your undergraduate qualification in the summer of 2020 or 2021? Our study focuses on leavers from colleges and universities across the UK, with a special focus on Glasgow and Preston. We will conduct surveys about your experiences, feelings and hopes in relation to your transitions to work and to other activities over a period of 12-18 months. Find out more.

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We take your information seriously. Take a few minutes to read our Participant Information Sheet and Privacy Notice. Remember that it is up to you to take part and that you are free to leave the study at any time.

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We are a team of researchers from the University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclyde.

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